PLG’s added value includes:

  • Expertise in cosmetovigilance
  • Linguistic resources that enable communication with consumers in the consumers’ native languages
  • Tools adapted to proper monitoring of an activity and to meeting IT security requirements


PLG has various tools that it customizes during projects’ implementation phases, thereby ensuring that the final tool always meets the relevant regulatory requirements: monitoring tools, vigilance databases, forms, and the like.

PLG’s teams also help clients with the selection, implementation, and validation of artificial intelligence solutions to enhance and streamline the case management process.

The team

The team’s more than 40 employees are based in different countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Mauritius, Romania, and Tunisia, and they include vigilance associates, data officers, case specialists, medical advisers, and a dermatologist with expertise in cosmetics.

Our data officers are scientists with specific training in vigilance processes, and our case specialists either are pharmacists or have graduate degrees in life sciences fields.

My name is Fatma Trabelsi. I am a pharmacist by profession and a case specialist serving on PLG’s Tunisian team, currently focusing on cosmetovigilance.

Teamwork, discipline, and innovation are our driving forces in order to ensure better performance, the best working conditions, and a better tomorrow in scientific and pharmaceutical fields.

Fatma Trabelsi

Case Specialist

Fatma Trabelsi


679 Cosmetovigilance cases handled


623 Cosmetovigilance cases handled