Improvement and compliance enhancement through QA and QP

Improvement and compliance enhancement through QA and QP

Our QA consulting services offer essential guidance, meticulous auditing, precise certification, and expert consulting. This ensures that pharmaceutical products consistently meet compliance and maintain product quality and safety. Our services extend to end-to-end QA and QP auditing throughout the entire supply chain, along with QP certification and release services. Additionally, our proficiency covers quality management systems (QMS), performing GXP audits, and inspection readiness-including GMP, GDP, and GCP standards for all stages of development and manufacturing. Our commitment and excellence are tailored to your needs, delivering high-quality services that lead you through a complex regulatory landscape.

Decades of expertise tailored to your needs

  • Our senior experts and consultants have over fifteen years of industry experience, understanding the quality of compliance.
  • Our geographical reach ensures exceptional GXP audits from North America, Canada, the EU, and Asia.
  • Our experts are licensed to QP certify ensuring compliance and safety in manufacturing and distribution within the EU.
  • We act as Contract Head of Quality, overseeing critical quality functions and implementing CAPA measures ensuring compliance excellence.


PLG was the sole provider able to provide us with the right resources. Consultants deliver high-quality work, demonstrate flexibility and adaptability, and are always keen to help.

Quality Supply Manager

Biopharma Company

Quality Supply Manager, Biopharma Company