Why Innovation makes sense for you and thus for us

Why Innovation makes sense for you and thus for us

Life Science value chain is facing today a number of challenges. Digital transformation is a must, driven by Health Authorities standards and societal trend. Disruptive innovation in science and technology bring unprecedented new prevention, diagnostic and treatment options. Business models need to reinvent for a sustainable and performant, innovative and patient-centered healthcare system.

Research & Innovation is then crucial to be taken in a collective and multidisciplinary approach, to transform these challenges into opportunities. Leveraging ecosystem and partnerships, PLG is positioned to support clients for the future on 3 axis:

  • A.I. & digital potential for regulatory and compliance
  • Regulatory science – Advanced methods for innovative product development and assessment
  • Ecosystem shared value of regulatory & compliance

Our tailored services for Medtech start-ups

Our tailored services for Medtech start-ups

ProductLife Group provides full product lifecycle support from Design to Post Market of Medical Devices, Combined Devices as well as Software as Medical Devices.

Thanks to cross-functional expertise in regulatory, safety, and quality in both Medical devices and Pharma Environment, PLG develops pragmatic strategies consulting for new challenges facing companies placing Medtech innovative products.

Biotech Solutions

Biotech Solutions

ProductLife Group provides assistance for your innovative biotech product from conception and development to market approval and launch.

PLG supports companies throughout complex projects management from preclinical to post-market stages and helps them reach their product development breakthrough faster.


Start-ups support solutions

ProductLife Group (PLG) supports & accelerates your Innovations – Start-ups, Innovation players, are you listening?

The start-up boom over the past decade has shown the potential for innovation and disruption in the Medtech and Biotech segments. Be it biomolecules, gene and cell therapies, niche medical devices, or digital health technologies, every innovation has the potential to drastically improve the global burden of communicable and non-communicable diseases.

PLG believes in the power of such impactful innovations by start-ups.

If you are developing or supporting exciting innovations, with a focus to make impactful contributions to the global healthcare system, PLG has your back. We provide extensive consulting and technical support, from need-gap analysis, market intelligence, and scientific advisory support, to contract research support, legal and intellectual property-related insights, product development, and licensing support for innovations.

Read here to learn how PLG guides, leads and ensures a seamless journey from the laboratory to the market for your product!

PLG approach of Digital Innovation

PLG approach of Digital Innovation

Consulting Creative missions

  • How to valorize regulatory data
  • Patient journey ideation
  • Inspiring business models workshops
  • From a hardware to a service provider
  • Designing a digital roadmap

Consulting & implementation missions to select approach and tools that best fit our customers’ needs

  • Holistic RIM approach and implementation
  • eQMS selection and implementation

Innovation for delivery : relief repetitive tasks and increase value

  • Integrate automation and A.I in a lean and agile approach using validated solutions: build transverse, multi-application pipelines from validated software
  • Explore & benchmark solutions for both internal and customer use


ProductLife Group Innovation Ecosystem

ProductLife Group Innovation Ecosystem

To follow that road map, we involve our entire organization and adhere to a proven methodology: develop ideas, conduct proof of concept, develop the business case, make the go/no-go decision, adopt a business plan, start development, and initiate rollout, and this also for our innovative projects mixing regulatory & compliance expertise plus innovative tools.

To ensure that the state-of-the-art tools and software we use incorporate powerful functionalities, automation, and AI, we have built partnerships with industry-leading IT developers and technology designers.

The purposes of our investments and partnerships are to provide our customers with the best service, to help them generate savings, and to enable them to focus on their core capabilities.

We are building partnerships with the health-care ecosystem as follows.

  • PLG is an associate partner of EIT Health.
  • PLG is working with innovative start-ups.

Our innovation partners