From concept to market: elevate biopharmaceutical drug development

From concept to market: elevate biopharmaceutical drug development

Our biopharmaceutical drug development services are pivotal in advancing innovative drugs and therapies, ensuring their safety and efficacy, and ultimately broadening global patient access. With decades of expertise across regulatory and product development, we have a proven track record supporting projects from conception through launch. Our consultants specialize in pre-authorization regulatory activities, drug discovery and development strategy, early-stage quality requirements, and clinical research. We are driven by a commitment to enhancing value, understanding your unique needs, and fostering partnerships marked by innovation, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. At PLG, we offer a unique perspective and hands-on experience across diverse product types and pathways, all rooted in improving human health.

Your global partner for biopharmaceutical services

  • We are committed to delivering successful and impactful outcomes, covering over 150 countries by our experts and partners.
  • Our dedicated team’s deep understanding can successfully help you with a strategic approach to regulatory planning and product development.
  • We have assisted 800+ global clients with hands-on experience across therapeutic areas and pharmaceutical products..
  • With over 30 years of experience and coverage of the entire product life cycle, we can support your development from early stage until your products go on the market and after.


large & midsize biopharma clients and health tech organizations


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We understand drug development and are passionate in driving our client projects from lead discovery to first-in-human studies and regulatory approval.

Johannes Roebers

Product Development Business Executive

Johannes Roebers