Business transformation

Business transformation

Adapting to changing environments

In an uncertain and changing environment, business transformation enables companies to adapt to shifts in the market environment. By aligning a company’s people, processes, and technology with its strategic vision along the value chain, ProductLife Consulting supports businesses in increasing their productivity, optimizing their resources, and creating new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Before making changes, we plan and define the target organization and processes. We bring experts with hands-on experience to define new models as appropriate. We also help our clients and their teams adapt to and thrive in their new environment. When outsourcing models are involved, we work with our clients to identify criteria for selecting and engaging with the right partner(s).

Our projects do not stop at implementation; we can provide continuous support to ensure the client organization is on track to achieve its goals.

Why chose ProductLife Consulting for your business transformation?

Why chose ProductLife Consulting for your business transformation?

  • We combine proven methodologies for business transformation with deep subject matter expertise to design solutions pragmatically.
  • We address the whole value chain from R&D to pharma, medtech, and biotech distribution.
  • We offer end-to-end service to our clients, from business model design to implementation, including change management.

Manufacturing and supply chain

Manufacturing and supply chain

In the highly competitive life sciences industry, production units face a challenging trade-off: delivering in a world where the importance of cost management is increasing alongside escalating quality standards. Our services are tailored to help you navigate this complex environment by refining your manufacturing activities and optimizing your supply chain efficiency. Our team, comprising former plant managers, blends practical know-how with strategic insight. We offer a manufacturing footprint assessment to evaluate and enhance your manufacturing locations to align with your business strategy. We focus on identifying efficiencies and reducing waste in plant productivity and cost management to enhance productivity and effectively manage costs. Our due diligence and integration service provides expert guidance through mergers and acquisitions, ensuring thorough due diligence and smooth post-merger integration.

Our client base is formed by executives who value our in-house expertise and mix of consulting experience with strong knowledge of the different pharma functions.

Jean-Luc Taborin

EVP, Head of ProductLife Consulting

Jean-Luc Taborin, EVP Consulting at PLG
Why choose ProductLife Consulting for your manufacturing and supply chain?

Why choose ProductLife Consulting for your manufacturing and supply chain?

We take a comprehensive approach that considers manufacturing and supply chain factors and incorporates regulatory and financial implications, ensuring compliance and maximizing your investment return in a demanding industry landscape.

Operational excellence

Operational excellence

Creating an environment to ensure flawless execution, optimizing resources and costs.

Operational excellence projects support the flawless execution of our clients’ strategy. Operational excellence is achieved through thoroughly understanding, mapping, and implementing optimal target processes and organization. When adopting the new design requires working with partners, we support the client by defining partner selection criteria, and we may also execute the identification and engagement with the best partners.

Our work spans different essential components of operations, including commercial operations – for example, optimizing a distribution network, quality management, manufacturing, distribution strategy, and/or regulatory affairs.

Why chose ProductLife Consulting for your operational excellence?

Why chose ProductLife Consulting for your operational excellence?

Our senior team has had hands-on experience in operations; they can see the world how our clients see it because they have experienced it firsthand.

ProductLife Group has teams in 50+ countries, which translates into an ability to understand local constraints and specificities, speak local languages, and quickly reach trusted people in most geographies.



Target operating models designed in the last 3 years. The starting point often defines a target operating model built with the teams to help executives make the right decisions.

5-year roadmap

The 5-year roadmap is ideal for evaluating the efforts required to implement a new organization or a digital solution and measuring the benefits over time to calculate ROI.


end-to-end processes designed. We have established a proven methodology for redefining end-to-end processes to bring rapid gains to organizations.

We provide market trends and benchmark insights to help our clients develop their target operating model and assess scenarios and business cases before implementing them.

Dr. Annie Jullien Pannelay

PharmD, MBA, Partner, Consulting

Dr. Annie Jullien Pannelay, PharmD, MBA, Partner, Consulting