PLG and Pharma IT can help you ensure that your IP and clinical data remains your own, is intuitively stored and digitally organised, and can be leveraged to keep your company growing. We do this by offering our cloud technology data management services as part of our Start-up Cloud Solutions. Instead of buying, owning, and maintaining your own physical IT Infrastructure, you can take advantage of our cost-efficient cloud solutions to harness the power of digitalisation while protecting your data.

The Start-up Cloud Solutions include:

  • EDMS
  • QMS
  • Training Management
  • eTMF
  • eCRF
  • DocuSign
  • Safety

The Advantages of Cloud Technology over its Legacy counterpart?

Cost: The systems require no physical infrastructure to be installed by the client and are already set up and configured. This provides cost savings to the client as implementation, maintenance and updates are all faster with limited downtime. Included in the cost would be Pharma IT’s dedicated IT department to help manage your data, reducing your need for internal staff.

Compliance: Our systems come GxP validated, to meet the standards and best practices of the industry. A yearly compliance review is done with reports submitted to the client to ensure your implementation remains compliant.

Control: The main advantage of cloud-based technology is that it acts as an interface for your data and provides full control to the client to define access and use. This ensures full ownership of the client to the company’s assets and keeps your IP safe.

Scalable: While you may be a start-up today, you will be a full-fledged company in the future. That’s why our systems boast low to no implementation costs and can scale as you do. You pay on a per-user basis, so you’ll never have more or less than you need.

Automation: Cloud technology is integrated with Machine Learning as opposed to Legacy options, which are slow to implement improvements. Machine Learning allows users to automate recurrent and tedious tasks. This in turn saves you time and money and reduces your staffing costs.

Choosing the Correct Cloud Computing Partner:

Proven Expertise & Experience:

Pharma IT was founded in Denmark in 2016, focusing on pharma, quality, and IT. Since then, our company has grown to provide services across the drug development life cycle. Our IT Applications team includes experienced IT consultants and bright young talents, who can support you with all IT Applications processes. We can tailor our services to meet your needs and budget.

PLG is a global life sciences solution provider with expertise in multiple disciplines. In collaboration with our partners at Pharma IT, PLG can support the quality of the information your company produces. Our global reach also allows us to leverage a broad range of external expertise.


Pharma IT/PLG the IT systems come GxP validated and are already implemented.  It is essentially a “plug-and-play” system in which companies can slot in their information and begin working. This rapid deployment method saves the client from any down time and subsequent loss and enables a fast return on investment.