PLG has been providing medical information services for 28 years. The experience accumulated during those years has been enriched by:

  • The diversity of our clients
  • The coverage of multiple and various therapeutic areas
  • The diversity of the interactions managed
  • The management of major crises


PLG provides medical information activities for all of the life sciences—from pharmaceuticals to biologics, to advanced therapies, to medical devices—and adapts to the needs of clients. Activities managed include:

  • Around-the-clock medical and pharmaceutical information availability, including safety and quality support
  • Crisis management
  • Interim support
  • Creating written replies to frequently asked questions, email inquiries, and so on


Our call center relies on an internally hosted and remotely accessible telephone management software based on an automatic-call-distribution (ACD) system.

The system’s IT infrastructure, including telephony, is supported by a business continuity plan that is tested regularly.

PLG has servers in two different locations and two redundant Internet connections.

All of the processes involved in the system are continuously optimized with new, artificial-intelligence-led solutions that have gone through full validation.

The team

The team is composed of medical information associates, medical information officers, and pharmacists.

Calls are handled first line by our associates and officers who have pharmaceutical knowledge and exceptional communications skills.

Our pharmacists provide support when a call must be escalated. They also manage responses to complex issues, and they train other staff.

The team is further supported by PLG’s medical advisers.

My name is Vanessa Azzi. I am a medical information pharmacist and have several responsibilities in my role. The work environment at PLG is stimulating, thanks to the variety of clients and portfolios we manage in medical information.

Vanessa Azzi

Medical Information Pharmacist

My name Soumitra Carounagarane. I am the medical information line-of-business owner, which involves dealing with a variety of medical information activities. The expertise of our team and our ability to adapt ensure that we provide our clients with a trusted and efficient medical information service.

Soumitra Carounagarane

Medical Information Line of Business Owner

My name is Agnes Ndedi, and I am the medical information team leader. My role is to coordinate resources and support the teams on a day-to-day level to help them deliver high-quality service in order to meet our clients’ expectations.

Agnes Ndedi

Team Leader of Medical Information


calls handled in 2020

In 2020

the average waiting time was 5.51 seconds.