Group 10

  • You provide business expertise to ensure analytical development activities by writing and managing analytical protocols/reports
  • You support the teams for the implementation of studies
  •  You are the privileged contact in the CMC project groups for the analytical part
  • You manage the scientific and documentary management of the analytical part of the projects
  • You centralize the results of analytical studies with a view to creating deliverable files and summary documents
  • You guarantee the file deliverables of the analytical part of the quality module of IMPD and registration files and the summary documents in collaboration with business stakeholders
  • Ensure operational monitoring to the hierarchy
  • Communicate and present the progress of the work to the project teams involved.

Group 12

  • Doctor in analytical chemistry
  • 5 years minimum of experience in analytical project management as a project manager and/or analytical leader on products in early and late phase
  • Ideally experience in writing analytical sections of the regulatory file module 3
  • Written AND spoken English
  • Written AND spoken French
  • Very good interpersonal skills

126 - CMC Analytical Project Manager