ProductLife Group (PLG) is honored to have received a Silver certification from Ecovadis, for our CSR strategy and practices.

This is the outcome of the management’s commitment as well as our employees’ dedication, transparency, and widely accepted procedures.

After having evaluated its Carbon footprint with the support of Greenly, an innovative start-up, PLG has undertaken various actions at all levels.

The company itself has contributed to the development of “Bas Carbone’s Grandes Cultures”, a program targeted at replacing chemical fertilizers with organic fertilization.

In addition to that, some employees have volunteered to form a CSR Committee in charge of various initiatives throughout the year, including a full CSR week reaching out to all employees in September 2022.

Eventually, let’s talk about some of our accomplishments for 2022:

  • Developed an internal website, ProductLife Academy, to facilitate knowledge exchange and talent development.
  • Established a mandatory staff health screening and evaluated employee satisfaction.
  • Launched formal initiatives to encourage career mobility.
  • Promoted the inclusion of employees with disabilities.
  • Set individual career plans for all employees.
  • Organised a well-being week session.

For this year’s milestone expectation to be surpassed, see you soon!

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PLG Silver certification from Ecovadis