PLG CEO Xavier Duburcq's Interview

The full interview with Xavier Duburcq, about PLG achievements in 2022 and plans for 2023 up to 2025.

2022 was an exciting year, PLG can’t wait to see what the next years have in store. We’re so proud of our status as an international powerhouse within the life sciences consulting space. But most importantly, we are proud of our people!


Cloud Services

Pharma IT and PLG have partnered with two cloud software providers to execute a system where clients can quickly and easily slot in their data and start managing their projects. These cloud-based solutions are GxP-validated and tailored for the pharma, biotech, and MedTech industries.


Start-Up Cloud Solutions Service

PLG and Pharma IT can help you ensure that your IP and clinical data remains your own, is intuitively stored and digitally organised, and can be leveraged to keep your company growing. We do this by offering our cloud technology data management services as part of our Start-up Cloud Solutions. Instead of buying, owning, and maintaining your own physical IT Infrastructure, you can take advantage of our cost-efficient cloud solutions to harness the power of digitalisation while protecting your data.


IT Quality, Compliance and Security

At ProductLife Group and its Pharma IT dedicated entity, we can provide systems to ensure your data is well protected while remaining compliant, we can design systems that grow with your company’s growth, and we can adapt to the way you want to manage your data.


Candice Bosson's interview about People's care at PLG

Candice Bosson, our Chief Human Resource Officer, joined ProductLife Group (PLG) 2 years ago with a vision to put in place a better employee experience for all. We spoke to Candice about the ways that PLG offers both unique opportunities for personal development and the importance of nurturing and encouraging passion and excellence within teams, management, and in the service offering to clients.

Medical Writing Service

In Product Development Business unit, the Medical Writing team is composed of scientifically qualified professionals with 5-30 years of experience in Medical Writing services.
PLG’s medical writing team works in close collaboration with the PLG’s publishing team to offer if requested by the customers, the Nees/e-CTD formatting services.

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