• Tell me more about PLG’s current phase of expansion, and why it is a great time to join PLG?

Since I’ve joined the company, PLG have acquired and integrated many companies. For each acquisition, post-merger integration and change management is very important when welcoming new teams onboard. We take the best of each company, whilst identifying the best processes to optimise and upgrade our ways of working. The expansion of PLG has increased international mobility as teams are spread out across the globe, and it is exciting to see the company grow so quickly. With better cross-functional mobility, we’re able to also work for clients that we couldn’t have approached until now.

This period of rapid growth creates unique opportunities for new and existing employees. If you are looking to join PLG, there has never been such a perfect time to grow and expand with the company.

  • How can PLG support an individual’s skill development?

We didn’t wait for the COVID-19 pandemic to start thinking about the best ways of working – we use a hybrid approach where some individuals work in the office and others work at home.

To make sure everyone has access to all the learning tools they need, wherever they are based, we have created a learning resource called ‘ProductLife Academy’, designed to support individuals through all stages of their careers. The academy offers local expertise for each country, which is exactly what our clients are looking for, helping us to provide the knowledge that is needed for each region. It also allows for continuous skill development, one of our core values, helping individuals to develop the technical and soft skills needed to really excel in their role. The quality of what we deliver is known on the market, which I believe is reflected in the people who work for us and in the passion that we have for the work that we do.

  • Why do you think passion in the workplace is important?

PLG is a company filled with passionate people who love their job, eager to make sure that what goes out on the market is as safe as possible. When looking for a company to join, a person should look for quality, and whether they will feel enjoyment and a sense of passion for their job. In their role, people want to know that they are doing an excellent job and are impactful in what they do. We want people to love where they work – this is really important to us – which is why we invest not only in an individual’s growth, employability, and career pathway, but also in making sure that everyone is happy and well supported.

We are a hard-working company who deliver a high-quality service, but most importantly we love what we do. My role is to find ways to help people discover this passion so that they can honestly say “I love PLG, I love my job, and I love what I’m doing”. To do this, we always try to bring it back to what people like to do vs what people love to do, pointing everyone in the right direction so that they are working on the things that make them the happiest, increase their skills, confidence, and develop their employability all at the same time.

Every year, we do a ‘skills inventory’ to help people to identify what they are best at, which then forms part of a personal development plan. We recognise most individuals also have skills outside of their role and try our best to also honour and acknowledge these. We encourage the use of ‘meaningful conversations’, which are discussions that each person has with management every 6 weeks. These cover how you are doing personally and professionally, and form part of the tailored individual development plans, which will help us to help you to achieve your own goals.

  • What kind of qualities are you looking for in potential candidates who may be looking to join PLG?

I think that if you are someone who is eager to excel personally and professionally and wish to make a positive impact then you would be the perfect fit to join the PLG team!

Just go for it [click here]– you will not be disappointed!

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