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We are thrilled to unveil our new offerings tailored specifically to elevate your journey in the pharmaceutical and medical landscape. ProductLife Group puts innovation at the heart of each of our enhanced services to drive your company to the next level. Explore the full enriched scope of our Product Development, Life Cycle Management, Strategic and Digital services and solutions.

Forging Progress: Impactful Success of the 3rd ProductLife Consulting Event

We are thrilled to share with you the success of our recent 2024 Edition of the Consulting Event at Fondation Louis Vuitton on March 28th, 2024.
With the impressive attendants of over 139 industry leaders coming from 107 Life Sciences Companies, including 50+ CEOs, the evening was marked by an enjoyable Rothko tour and insightful discussion on “Artificial Intelligence: the Pharma’s Industry Game Changer” from out 3 Keynote speakers. The success of this year’s event reaffirms our commitment to fostering meaningful connections for our esteemed community. We aim to each year deliver such a powerful platform for constructive discussions, networking, and ultimately to achieve professional and industrial progress.

The Vital Role of Proofreading in Pharmaceutical in Regulatory Affairs and Artwork Management

In today’s world, many tools are available to proofread documents, correct spelling, fix grammar mistakes, and improve communication. We are sure everyone has sent that one communication that was not proofread to a manager and wished we could have taken it back for another review. This process is even more critical when it comes to the use of medicinal products. Why it is important to have someone else proofread your documents? This is crucial in maintaining effective communication with healthcare professionals and patients on the safety of medicinal products. Journey with PLG and learn how PLG can support your regulatory labeling and artwork projects.

Analytical Validation: What if it Lasts for a Long Time?

Throughout the lifecycle (from raw materials to finished products) of a medicinal product, quality and effectiveness must be maintained. From a quality standpoint, one of the tools employed is analytical methods. These methods, in turn, must be strictly monitored and consistently updated as the guidelines and regulations change. This is known as analytical validation, a key component in maintaining high product standards through method stability and internal quality controls. It is also a regulatory requirement.

Embracing Unity and Growth: our Q1 Offsite in Goa

ProductLife Group has a deep commitment to fostering connections and building bridges across our diverse remote workforce. Every year, we organize the Q1 Team Meeting to gather more than 150 employees from different regions of India.

From valuable presentations by CXOs to immersive team-building activities, this event was the perfect opportunity for everyone to engage with each other, foster collaboration, and chart our course for success in the coming quarters.

Quality & Compliance Team Meeting

Before a productive seminar, the PLG Paris team had a challenging and exciting time at the escape room. The team was comprised of individuals from different departments: Commercial, Q&C, and HR. This teamwork embodies the spirit and culture of PLG as we work together with our clients to achieve a common goal.

Luckily, they all escaped the locked rooms and are ready and raring to support our clients’.

PLG Case Management Meeting in Tunis

We’re excited to share a glimpse of our recent visit to Tunis, featuring our CEO Xavier Duburcq, COO Emmanuel Riffault, and Internal Communications Director Elnta-Despina Tsani, who were met with an outpouring of energy and enthusiasm from our Tunisian teams. The visit sparked in-depth conversations with our regional leader Sarra Blel, the management teams, and our entire staff of 100 employees.

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