Packaging artwork is pivotal in conveying crucial product information in the fast-paced pharmaceutical industry. Correct labelling goes beyond aesthetics; it ensures regulatory compliance, instils customer confidence, and prioritises patient safety.


The Vitality of Accurate Pharmaceutical Labelling

Proper pharmaceutical labelling gives customers essential details: product names, ingredients, usage guidelines, warnings, and allergic reactions. Meeting stringent quality and FDA/EMA standards, packaging, and labelling are pivotal for pharmaceutical business growth. Regulatory authorities meticulously oversee and approve these processes, specifying appropriate drug packaging materials. Achieving 100% compliance is imperative to ensure safety and regulatory adherence.


Identifying Challenges Clients can face in their Pharma Artwork Labelling Projects

Creating accurate and compliant pharmaceutical labelling poses challenges, including:

Collaboration: Efficient collaboration is vital in artwork creation across all industries. To optimise collaboration, businesses must adopt modern platforms. However, many companies still rely on outdated methods like emails, which hinder effective tracking of feedback and changes. Managing multiple communication channels like phone and chat further complicates the process.

Validation: In the pharmaceutical industry, adapting to changing regulatory and regional specifications is a common challenge. Companies operating globally must consider Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines and local safety measures. Legal teams play a crucial role in carefully validating artwork changes against norms. Additionally, expert evaluation is essential to avoid costly errors when translating packaging artwork to regional scripts or braille.

Resource Access: Designing pharmaceutical labelling necessitates constant access to multiple files containing critical information, such as chemical composition, core datasheets, and compliance rules. However, managing files scattered across various locations and in different formats can be challenging.


Conquer Labelling Challenges with ProductLife Group

By partnering with PLG, pharmaceutical companies can surmount these challenges and optimise their labelling process. Leveraging PLG’s expertise, state-of-the-art tools, and seamless collaboration, businesses can overcome obstacles, reduce costs, and accelerate time-to-market. PLG’s guidance empowers companies to thrive in the competitive landscape, fostering regulatory compliance, building brand reputation, and earning customer trust for sustained business growth and success.

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Tackling Challenges in Optimising Pharma Artwork Labelling