ProductLife Group’s (PLG) global operational platform integrates teams situated in different countries, managing global activities with centralized oversight. At PLG, our Project Managers in Europe work alongside highly skilled global technical teams situated in India and North Africa to provide expert services at the scale required for large global programmes, while also gaining insights from our local level experts who provide country-specific expertise and knowledge.

With an established heritage in science and technology, our office in India provides high-quality services. This fully integrated team are characterised by their collaborative approach to work, fuelled by skilled, hard-working, and flexible experts who provide an outstanding range of regulatory and compliance services. This includes supporting regulatory affairs and CMC activities (whether for initial submissions or life cycle management), document and submission publishing, as well as having a skilled medical and pharmacovigilance team on hand. A full list of the services and expertise provided by the Indian office can be found on our website: India | Regulatory & Compliance Services | ProductLife Group

Our Indian colleagues work closely with other global teams to share resources, expertise, and insights to allow for better streamlined work, fostering collaboration between PLG departments. The European team members value the support from India, who align their workday with European time zones to offer ongoing support when it is needed most to serve PLG clients’ needs. As part of PLG’s global platform, additional support can be obtained from teams in the US and across Europe to ensure that the right support is available at the right time.

To make sure that our teams can tackle bigger projects than ever before, our Indian office is expanding. While always committed to ensuring the highest quality of deliverables, our team will continue to confidently meet all challenges. Knowledge and resource sharing allows all PLG teams to grow and get stronger, further enhancing the outward support PLG can give to clients.

With such a powerful global reach, and projects thriving in Europe, PLG seeks to expand into markets such as the US, Latin America, Asia, and Australia to better support clients. Denis Gross, Chief Operating Officer, highlights that by 2025, PLG aims to “have 30% of staff situated in global platforms to ensure the optimal balance between such platforms delivering global activities, the extended local footprint, and the central coordination of both global and local activities, in addition to specific consultancy services that PLG has in the US and Europe”. As always, PLG are constantly looking at ways to improve and ensure that enhanced support is always available to clients.

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