ProductLife Group is reaching a key step in its growth with the acquisition of privately owned Italian company Pharma D&S Group. With this strategic alliance, PLG, a global provider of regulatory and compliance services for the life sciences industry, reinforces its ability to tackle the Italian market on its core services and positions itself as a global leader in the industry. With more than two hundred and fifty employees, Pharma D&S Group is PLG’s largest build-up to date.

Paris, France and Florence, Italy – June 07, 2023

ProductLife Group (PLG), the global and specialized provider of regulatory, vigilance and quality management services for the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medtech industries, announces its intention to merge with Pharma D&S Group, the leading Italian player in the industry.

Founded in 2001 by Riccardo Ballerini, Pharma D&S Group grew in 2003 with the arrival of Lino Fabrizi as partner. It strengthened its service offering on Regulatory Affairs, Product Quality and Process Compliance, Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Operations activities. In 2004, the Group launched Pharma Education Center (PEC), a training provider for the Life Sciences sector. In 2005, the two partners were joined by Marco Conti who founded C&P Engineering a consulting entity providing high-quality services specialized in pharmaceutical process engineering, qualification and computer systems validation.

This new deal is a key step in PLG’s growth, making up for a company of more than one thousand and two hundred employees with a strong and expert presence across the globe. For Xavier Duburcq, CEO of PLG, “Pharma D&S Group is a renowned leader on the Italian market with a long standing emphasis on quality and expertise. The synergies between our two companies are high, and our values and corporate cultures have a lot in common, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit at both PLG and Pharma D&S Group.”

“Twenty years after launching Pharma D&S Group, I am convinced that joining PLG is the future of our organization”, says Riccardo Ballerini, Founder and Chairman of Pharma D&S. “The merger with PLG provides our clients and the life sciences industry with access to a global footprint and a more robust combined set of capabilities across all of our key value areas”.

Lino Fabrizi, COO of Pharma D&S, further shares: “This strategic alliance will provide a good opportunity for our team to expand their careers, and it will give our business strong support functions to facilitate sustainable growth. We strongly believe that our two organizations share the same DNA which will result in a stronger quality of service provided to our clients.”

For Marco Conti, Founder and CEO of C&P Engineering, “being part of PLG is the opportunity to provide our tailored made quality design and qualification expertise to a wider range of clients across Europe, enlarging the offering and leveraging the strong network that PLG already has today.”


About ProductLife Group

ProductLife Group’s mission is to improve human health by delivering regulatory & compliance services for the safe and effective use of medical solutions. PLG supports clients through the entire product life cycle, combining local expertise with global reach spanning more than 150 countries. It provides consulting and outsourcing services in the areas of drug development, regulatory affairs, quality management and compliance, vigilance and medical information, covering both established products and innovative therapeutics & diagnostics.

With a goal of continuously improving the value delivered to people and customers, PLG is committed to long-term partnership, innovation, flexibility, and cost efficiency.

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Fabrice Galzin

ProductLife Group Head of Marketing

[email protected]


About Pharma D&S Group

Pharma D&S Group’s mission is to provide pharmaceutical and life science companies with all the specialized services they need the most. Pharma D&S Group offers its customers reliable, efficient and personalized support during every process that affects the life cycle of their products from development to post marketing, from process engineering to facilities design, construction and qualification. Developed through a wide variety of multidisciplinary expertise, Pharma D&S Group’s solutions are customizable and flexible to help clients overcome the complex challenges of an ever-changing business.

Pharma D&S Group is made of three companies Pharmaceutical Development and Services, C&P Engineering and PEC – Pharma Education Center.

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Andrea Pieri

Pharma D&S – Sales and Marketing Director

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Paolo Fantini

C&P Engineering – Sales and Marketing Department Manager

[email protected]

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ProductLife Group announces its intention to merge with Pharma D&S Group, expanding its overall offering and italian footprint