Every people has the right to live a happy and prosperous life. Any form of discrimination will create an imbalance in society and cause suffering and pain to the affected ones.

During World Aids Day in December 2013, the Director of UNAIDS announced the establishment of Zero Discrimination Day. It was seen for the first time on March 1, 2014, and celebrated all over the world on 1st March every year. UNAIDS mentions zero discrimination is no small task as it is often deeply rooted, yet ending discrimination will be the game-changing factor in the journey towards ending AIDS by 2030. 1

The message is not to discriminate against any individual based on age, sex, race, language, color, health, etc.

As per UNAIDS, there are 134 countries explicitly criminalizing or otherwise prosecuting HIV exposure, non-disclosure, or transmission; 20 countries criminalize and/or prosecute transgender persons; 153 countries criminalize at least one aspect of sex work; and 67 countries now criminalize consensual same-sex sexual activity, according to UNAIDS. In addition, 48 countries still place restrictions on entry into their territory for people living with HIV, while 53 countries report that they require mandatory HIV testing, for example for marriage certificates or for performing certain professions. 106 countries report requiring parental consent for adolescents to access HIV testing. 2

PLG remains vigilant in its commitment to supporting our clients with their development program for innovative medicines, formulation development for AIDS medicine, facilitated regulatory submission strategies, and other technical support so that the dosage form can reach the patient on time.

Here at PLG, we follow Zero discrimination in our culture and encourage equality in all aspects across all offices in PLG. We strongly oppose any discrimination in our day-to-day work life and have zero tolerance towards any activity which causes discrimination. PLG supports the right to live life with dignity and fosters the spirit of empathy, recognition, and celebration of diversity.

Here on Zero discrimination day, let us come together to fight against discrimination and create a better world where every human’s rights are recognized.

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PLG stands on Zero Discrimination Day