Pharmaceutical technology transfer is considered an essential and critical phase of product development which involves the transfer of formulation, manufacturing, and analytical process from lab scale to pilot or commercial scale or one manufacturing site to another (site transfer). The goal of any technology transfer project is to prove the manufacturing process is capable of producing the final product with desired quality. The complexity of technology transfer from one unit to another is challenging, even in the best-case scenario. Many technology transfer projects fail to produce the desired outcome due to a lack of technical resources, insufficient technical packages, and project management support.

For a successful technology transfer project, a blend of technical knowledge and project management expertise is an important parameter. A well-prepared technology transfer package will provide a thorough understanding of the manufacturing process and risk assessment of technology transfer activities to all concerned stakeholders. Capturing minute details of the manufacturing and analytical process is crucial for successful technology transfer, which reduces the likelihood of encountering issues during scale-up. The project management team can focus on the entire management of the technology transfer activity and ensure the availability of materials and resources to complete the technology transfer process within the stipulated timeline and budget.

ProductLife Group (PLG) can help pharmaceutical companies in the management of the technology transfer process. PLG can help pharmaceutical companies with the preparation, implementation, and oversight of technology transfer activities to identify and mitigate any potential risk which could eventually become a bottleneck either during the technology transfer process and/or during the commercial launch of a product. A detailed assessment of the technology transfer activities and documentation should be completed to understand the product and process in the early stage of the tech transfer.

In addition to the requirement of technical support, PLG also supports project management of the overall technology transfer program. The project management team coordinates with different stakeholders/cross-functional departments to facilitate communication between CRO/CDMO and the client to improve the functional area workload and resource availability. PLG project management team will share regular updates of the project progress so there won’t be any last-moment surprises in technology transfer. With a well-developed technology transfer package, project management tools, and experience, PLG facilitates a successful product transfer.

With our expertise and past track records, the PLG team will be your preferred partner for the management of product acquisition, technology transfer, and licensing support projects which will ultimately benefit the client by increasing the availability of medicines to patients.

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Pharmaceutical technology transfer