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Are you seeking expert guidance to navigate the complexities of product development in the healthcare industry? Are you looking for an expert to get to market your Medical device as quickly as possible and maintain its status in that market? From early-stage development to market introduction, PLG can offer support at every phase of your product development journey.
At PLG, we are deeply involved with clients, offering strategic guidance and operational support with a global presence. Our teams of experts in pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical devices, and self-care products are dedicated to understanding your needs and ensuring a collaborative approach that addresses specific challenges and goals. Our commitment to improving human health is at the heart of our mission. Through our regulatory and compliance services, we are dedicated to ensuring that healthcare innovations reach those who need them most.

Strategic Implications of In-Licensing and Out-Licensing in the Asia Pacific (APAC) Pharmaceutical Market: a Global Perspective

The pharmaceutical industry encompasses many adaptations for business. Some companies focus on developing products from scratch; some have dedicated their resources to fighting orphan diseases, and some focus on expanding their portfolios. On the flip side, others seek to gain additional revenue from their existing portfolios. That last example is where the In-licensing and Out-Licensing of products come into play. We see a growing trend of partnerships between the East and West. Pharma companies from the APAC region are dealing with the Western giants of the US and the EU companies. This swapping of drugs fosters a bridge, providing patients access to innovative medicines and technologies. What are the advantages of in- and out-licensing pharma products?

Unlocking the Power of Transparency: Competitive Intelligence and the Birth of TRoVE (TRansfer of ValuE)

Commercial Eyes, a PLG company, is proud to unveil TRoVE – our latest innovation that’s set to redefine the way the pharmaceutical industry accesses and interprets transparency reports. Born from a collaborative effort with University of Melbourne students, TRoVE is more than just a database; it’s a window into the nuanced financial interactions between healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical companies. Boasting over 700,000 data points, TRoVE empowers users to dive into the intricacies of therapeutic areas, offering unparalleled insights that are essential for informed decision-making.

VCoE Members Meeting and EIT Health Summit 2024

Our experts, Lebon Aymeric and Gabrièle Breda took center stage at the VCoE Members Meeting alongside EIT Health. During the first session on April 17th, Aymeric Lebon led an insightful presentation on FDA and EMA Approval Processes: Trends and Opportunities for Investors. His expertise provided invaluable insights for investors navigating the complex regulatory landscape. PLG has been part of EIT Health’s VCoE as a Privileged Partner for Regulatory & Compliance since 2022. This prestigious designation highlights our extensive experience and trusted status as an existing EIT Health partner. We are proud to lead the charge in healthcare innovation and eagerly anticipate advancing our journey of excellence alongside EIT Health!

PLG at the EU Digital HealthTech Conference

Aymeric Lebon, our Medtech Sales Director, attended the European Digital HealthTech Conference by Luxinnovation GIE, with ProductLife Group as a partner. The goal was to ensure Medtech’s latest projects align with the rapidly changing regulatory landscape. A crucial transition phase to RDM ends in May 2024.
Legal manufacturers of CE-marked medical devices under the MDD must apply for MDR certification to extend EC certificates until 2027 or 2028 by May 26, 2024. Additionally, to benefit from this transition, manufacturers must establish a QMS compliant with MDR and avoid significant changes to their CE-marked devices.

Overview from industry leaders: Panel discussion on Mergers & Acquisition

In a bid to decode the intricate world of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), Chemistry Today embarked on a journey to glean insights from industry leaders representing companies, advisors, and private equity (PE) funds. Find out more from Thomas Galvain, Director of M&A and Corporate Development at ProductLife Group in a recent panel discussion in tks | publisher, event organiser, media agency’s Chemistry Today.

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