The misunderstood element of any Electronic Document Management System (eDMS)

Implementing a regulatory document management system is crucial for any pharmaceutical company wishing to comply with regulations. However, we often focus on technology, and not enough emphasis is placed on the human elements interacting with the system. When implementing a new or changing to another eDMS, it is important to communicate effectively about this project to the various stakeholders involved.

Human challenges when implementing an eDMS

  1. The Human-Machine Interaction: Many users within the office space have a basic understanding of the standard programs used (Microsoft or Google suite of services). It becomes more challenging when it comes to more complex or niche pieces of software. Advanced software has a steeper learning curve, and some individuals must be taught from the basics upwards.
  2. Resistance to change: It can be intimidating to use a new piece of software, and the general outcry you might hear is, “Well, the current system works fine; why are we changing?” Though the current systems seem to work well, information managers must adhere to updated regulations, forecast future needs, and keep up with contemporary trends to meet those needs.
  3. Distrust in the eDMS or lack of following SOPs: eDMS software usually has protocols to dissuade individuals from making excessive or unauthorised changes. This leads to individuals utilising unsafe secondary solutions, such as USB drives, local storage or external hard drives. This, in turn, retards the full operation of the official system.

One simple but effective solution

Over the past two decades, a paradigm has shifted in how people consume information. This has been made possible through social media and video applications. Individuals use these as video tutorial platforms to research and learn about several topics. As a result, companies and, by extension, data managers have a new avenue to inform and implement changes, provide instructions on topics and generally educate their colleagues.

This is where a promotional video can be very useful. Indeed, this format allows for a clear and concise presentation of the benefits and features of the new regulatory document management system. It also highlights the benefits for the company, such as improved operational efficiency or reduced non-compliance risks.

Moreover, a promotional video can be easily shared on the company’s various communication channels, such as social media or internal newsletters. This allows for a wider audience and facilitates buy-in from the various stakeholders involved.

A promotional video can also improve a company’s culture of engagement through a comments and questions section, allowing individuals to express their thoughts in a more open and comfortable setting. Again, this provides a trickle-down effect on community learning and employee buy-in to the management system.

Creating a promotional video can be a profitable investment for any pharmaceutical company looking to facilitate the implementation of a regulatory document management system and ensure its success.

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Change management: Use of promotional videos in the context of an eDMS implementation project