ProductLife Group provides a broad range of services, but we know that it is not just our specialist knowledge that makes our projects successful. The way that we provide support is often just as important, and as such we offer different working models depending on our clients’ needs. For many, a traditional outsourcing approach is an effective and efficient way to provide well defined support and specific deliverables. However, in some instances a different model is more appropriate. Insourcing involves integrating PLG’s experts into a company’s processes in a longer-term partnership.

According to Daniel V., working among the teams of one PLG major European customer, PLG offers a sustainable insourcing model that provides tailored support for clients. Daniel says that his role offers “a way of working that allows PLG to merge with a client’s team and provide unique expertise and knowledge, while remaining tethered to a strong, ongoing support network. The fast-paced, versatile nature of insourcing cultivates a closer connection with a client’s team than outsourcing, which has inherently more distance between the two teams.”

By being an integral part of the client’s organization, the PLG expert can provide direct and streamlined assistance due to the understanding of the processes and systems at play. Deeper insight is obtained from joining company meetings, while also building a network of trust. This involves fostering good communication and aligning to the client’s perspective. In turn, this encourages greater flexibility and closeness so that clients feel comfortable discussing any urgent deadlines or issues. Tasks are completed more effectively due to deeper insights into the company’s processes and workforce, and queries can be directed to the right members of the client’s team, ultimately boosting work efficiency.

A client’s work is always expanding and evolving, and insourcing allows for easy adaption to new goals and ideas so that the best support can be offered. It is a proven model that accelerates work and collaboration due to an enhanced sense of teamwork. Compared to outsourcing, it leads to a broader understanding of a client’s needs and expands the expert’s knowledge. This increased awareness allows the expert to apply their knowledge in new ways and tackle more complicated issues.

PLG’s insourcing model provides a framework for honest and open teamwork. It allows for better communication, which ripples outwards in all work situations. This unique dynamic offered by insourcing allows experts to support clients using their specific knowledge, with PLG as an added ‘lifeline’ if needed. The wider PLG team is on hand to offer guidance to the insourced expert throughout their tenure at the client company. In essence, PLG becomes an extension of a client’s company, which many of our clients have greatly appreciated.

PLG is diverse and growing, with many resources in different countries to expand our support to clients in new ways. Insourcing provides ample opportunities for improved working for both PLG and clients alike, accelerating growth, learning and knowledge.

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How PLG’s insourcing model help support clients