Customer context

The Client

A leading international healthcare company fighting diabetes and other serious chronic diseases


The Context

  • Outsourcing of medical information requests
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Quality complaints
  • Crisis management with 1000 customer service calls/day


The Client’s challenge

The biggest challenge for the client is to handle all calls on the crisis line to improve customer (pharmacy, physician and patient) satisfaction and not to overload the medical information line with such calls.


  • Management of medical information calls, pharmacovigilance and quality complaints with an average of 60 calls/day.
  • Encoding of quality and pharmacovigilance complaints in their platform
  • Management of sending the required materials for quality complaint process, follow-up with the HCP and submission f investigation results


  • Implementaiton of a crisis management plan to absorb 1000 calls/day from the customer service department following several tensions and stock-outs of several specialties in France
  • Call volume on the medical information line increased to 160-200 calls/day

PLG's responsibility and activities

The client turned to PLG for support in handling this high call volume (1000 calls per day) and continue managing other services (MI/PV/QC)


Medical Information

  • Handling medical information calls
  • Provide 24/7 telephone service to the Client, including public holidays
  • Recording of calls in Client’s call-taking software during the day as well as on-call, during the call-taking


  • Transfer quality complaints and recorded safety information, translate them into English and transfer them to the Client platform
  • Sending letters to claimants and follow up
  • Writing and sending the survey results


  • Updating the training of the collaborators involved in the project with the implementation of a training plan
  • Monitor the quality of the service by performing a monthly report with the Client
  • Provide performance indicators to the client : deviation monitoring table, monthly report on turnover and KPIs

Business continuity solution provided by PLG

  • Plan an urgent crisis meeting to review the situation, identify the client’s requirements and prepare the action plan.
  • Implementation of a telephone system powerful enough to receive over 1000 calls/day with a capacity of over 50 simultaneous calls at 7 business days from the date of signature with the client.
  • Optimize human resources: Assign sufficient staff to handle calls and assess whether specific training is required.
  • Implement automatic messages such as IVR (Interactive Voice Response) to improve customer satisfaction and reduce wait times on the crisis line.
  • Creation of a shared excel file to track calls received on the crisis line
  • 1 daily reporting is sent at the end of the day to NN and a reporting every 2 hours is sent to the depositary (CSP) at the rate of 4 per day.

Added-value and customer benefits

Customer benefits

  • Outsourcing of several services (MI, PV, QC and customer service)
  • Superior Quality and Cost Effectiveness in all service domains


PLG added-value

  • Flexibility and adaptability to respond to client requests and requirements
  • Proactive communication on monitoring and sharing information

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