The approach

Smart drug profiling is a modular approach designed to adapt to a client’s needs.

It is based on expertise and supported by multiple sources and multiple algorithms.

Smart drug profiling is designed to analyze signals about a drug or an active substance and then provide all of the information available to help decision makers evaluate options, costs, benefits, and risks.

Sample scenarios

  1. Drug acquisition
  2. Due diligence
  3. Status of the substance on the market and potential issues
  4. Strategic market positioning

Customer’s context

A flexible solution

In a world that relies more and more on forward thinking and data-driven decisions, holistic safety management is a must-have.

By leveraging the synergy between experts, data science, and artificial intelligence, smart drug profiling supports a variety of needs—all of the, in the same customizable package.

PLG’s added value

ProductLife Group makes use of the latest algorithms and technology available to support smart drug profiling.

Digitalization and automation of smart drug profiling activities result in better resource allocation, reduced margin of error, and increased filtering capabilities to isolate the signals that really matter.

Samples of activities in smart drug profiling

  • Social listening
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Adverse-events detection
  • Automated reports or dashboards


By combining multiple sources and multiple algorithms, smart drug profiling helps PLG’s experts pinpoint the correct signals for analysis, shutting out the noise.

Automated reports and dashboards are then made available to the client so that the client can gain insights into the type and level of signal monitoring over a period of time.

Sample sources queried

  • Clinical trials databases
  • Scientific literature and press coverage
  • Regulatory authorities
  • Patient forums