Biopharmaceutical companies are global and in most cases, also small, agile, and often relatively virtual, using shared resources in public incubators with international skilled staff. for such companies face the challenge that financial and legal regulations have been established to support larger, more-traditional, brick-and-mortar businesses.

In Europe, companies and venture capital funds struggle to attract additional external and foreign private investments, which increases fragmentation and makes it more difficult to raise sizable follow-on rounds and large enough funds to support innovation.

PLG helps biopharmaceutical start-ups navigate the often difficult financial ecosystem across all phases of product development, market access, and postmarketing.


PLG’s financial and legal support aims to help clients raise the funding they need and define the right fiscal tax scheme for their organizations.



  • Public and private funding needs schemes
  • Draft research project documentation
  • Information memorandum
  • Identification of potential funding partners
  • Support of roadshows
  • Management of negotiations and legal conclusions
  • Optimization of fiscal and tax schemes
  • Writing of legal documents