Digital & A.I Innovation

Digital & A.I Innovation

Regulatory & Compliance Tech-Enabled, Cost-Efficient Services using best-in-class digital automated tools

  • Regulatory Intelligence
  • Regulatory Information Management
  • Regulatory Operations
  • Safety & Vigilance
  • Software-As-A-Service Cloud Services

Consulting & Implementation services supporting your digital transformation

  • Ideation, Design &  Business Model
  • Innovative tools selection or development (eg. automation services)
  • Risks and impacts assessment
  • Deployment & training

Scientific Innovation & Regulatory Science

Scientific Innovation & Regulatory Science

R&D Ecosystems Support and Partnerships

  • Innovative startups & projects dedicated multidisciplinary services
  • EU and EIT-Health Partner (innovation, VCoE, U-Lab, etc.)
  • Accelerators and investors dedicated programs
  • Innovation Agencies (eg. Luxinnovation)

Collaborative Regulatory Science Projects

  • ATMP regulatory science & dedicated database
  • Complex Combined Products including Software multidisciplinary PhD Program

A dedicated and transversal R&I

A dedicated and transversal R&I

A dedicated multidisciplinary team of PhDs and engineers combining regulatory expertise to:

  • R&I management & funding
  • Biomedical science
  • Software, A.I and computer science

A dedicated R&I Program to leverage:

  • Digital & A.I Innovation
  • Scientific Innovation & Regulatory Science
  • Business Models Innovation and Shared Value

Fully integrated to internal and external ecosystems:

  • Leveraging regulatory & compliance operational expertise
  • Supporting Business Development with Sales & Marketing, producing New offers & Services
  • Central Point of Contact to R&I stakeholders such as European networks, Research & Innovation Institutes and Agencies, Universities, etc.