The approach

The local literature platform enables the retrieval of local literature articles and the ability to scan these articles based on the requirements of clients.

The platform is an easy-to-access cloud-based solution.

Once the search is completed, the solution produces a report to demonstrate that all agreed publications and terms have been checked.

Sample scenarios

  1. Monitoring the name of product or an active substance
  2. Detection of an adverse event
  3. Creation and analysis of report regardless of what language the content is in

Customer’s context

Efficient delivery with continuous information to manage, a local literature search platform reduces the time and cost associated with finding the right information. It also ensures that the process is standardized and reduces human errors. Additionally, because activities are logged, tracking and auditing are made easier.

PLG’s added value

ProductLife Group makes use of cloud technology to support local literature search.

The tool can be scaled as per the needs of the client and can be used in countries that previously have not been supported.

Samples of activities in smart drug profiling

  • Monitoring
  • Adverse events detection
  • Automated reports or dashboards

By combining multiple sources, the local literature search helps PLG’s experts pinpoint the correct signals for analysis, shutting out the “noise”.

Automated reports are made available to the client, providing insights into the type and level of signal monitoring over a period of time.

Sample sources queried

  • Research Publications
  • Scientific/local literature