Project Management Officer/Planner

In the context of a brand new project, we are looking for a Project Management Officer/Planner to contribute to the activities performed in the Hub.

About us

Group 10

Primary Responsibilities:

Project Planning

  • Responsible for planning creation and maintenance for projects. 
  • Assist Project Manager in the planning update and any simulations or forecasts of planning (time and resources (generic profiles and names resources)). 
  • Contribute to project planning representations (from planning system to synthetic views) for communication and dashboard updates. 
  • Ensures alerts, quality control and consistency of the planning for overall project and related operational activities against previous / reference baselines. 
  • Provides specific planning extracts to support Project Team discussion and decision making. 
  • Collaborates with project team members to collect data (estimates) for planning update. 
  • Participates to the creation of the capacity planning with delivery project actors and line managers. 

Contribution to Project Management  and Delivery Workload Management

  • Provides to delivery managers an integrated view of projects portfolio planning and related resources (FTE) to support capacity planning and recruitments  
  • Contribute in building and maintaining project plan templates to reflect lessons learned from previous projects and build a library of standards for planning 

Other Responsibilities:

  • Prepare and Ensure the follow up of project invoicing
  • Allocate and make available logical resources 
  • Provide technical and/or organizational assistance to the team
  • Support of global capacity planning / resources management to facilitate arbitrations and anticipate / secure recruitments
  • Write technical documents and synthesize technical and/or scientific information 
  • Identify the constraints of a project or in the expertise
  • Make data entry of activity and performance reports, including budget/cost/resources/ KPI follow up and control
  • Analyze of budget behavior 
  • Monitor projects simultaneously 
  • Create an action plan 
  • Deploy an action plan
  • Forecast and / or Draw up estimates on requests for extension of services for the projects it is piloting
  • Contribute to company internal projects in line with transformation / improvements 
  • Write minutes and power point presentations 
  • Make project invoicing preparation and follow up
  • Maintain standard material and templates
  • Write procedures and documentation for the use of users
  • Ensure that good practices, financial rules are followed and standard tools 
  • Provide guidance, specific support & training to project actors
  • Conceptualize and formalize sequences of action. 
  • Knowing how to share its knowledge and know-how
  • Use efficient and adapted communication methods assist a user
  • Conduct/facilitate meetings. 
  • Analyze processes and find out root causes to propose improvement solutions. 
  • Ensure that client feedback is collected and managed
  • Manage the on-off boarding / maintenance training process of project actors with the client. 
  • Design a dashboard
  • Provide data on the management of the activity. 
  • Manage deadlines.

Group 11
Education & Experience

  • University degree level Master in Project Management without experience or bachelor with 1-2 years of experience in a similar job position. 

Group 12
Knowledge Required

  • Project Management 
  • Office tools 
  • Use of collaborative tools(shared planning, web conferencing, corporate social network…)
  • Methods of analysis (systemic, functional, risk, etc.) 
  • Database management software 
  • Understanding of financial aspects 
  • Internal and/or external multidisciplinary interface
  • CAPA 
  • Change Management 
  • Planning techniques 
  • Benchmarking techniques 
  • Budget Management 

Group 13

  • Ability to work in teams
  • Social & Communication skills
  • Self-driven
  • Good English
  • Client Oriented
  • Solution Oriented
  • Organisation & Planning
  • Prioritising
  • Adaptability
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management Skills


Project Management Officer/Planner