Medical Information Officer

ProductLife Group is looking for a Medical Information Officer to join our dynamic teams and contribute to improve patient’s life.

About us

Group 10

  • Respond to requests for information (medical, pharmaceutical, consumer…) in the 1st line, after demonstrated experience with the support of a Medical Information Pharmacist, according to customer requirements, whatever the media of reception
  • Detect cases of vigilance, transfer them to the 2nd line or document them after adequate training and demonstrated experience, with the support of a PIM as required by the client
  • Proceed to the recording of the cases to be handled on paper and/or computer, in French or English
  • Restore managed calls in the ad hoc tool
  • Under the supervision of a medical information pharmacist, draft written responses to health professionals and forward them to the appropriate person
  • Carry out quality control of certain telephone call reports according to the decision tree in force
  • Receive, file and acknowledge receipt of documents sent by client laboratories
  • Maintain the IT sub-units up to date
  • Carry out the reporting of files to the client laboratories, if necessary Participate in the telephone permanence (according
    to the days and hours determined)
  • Participate in the drafting of procedures, operating methods and agreements directly related to his/her activity

Group 13

  • No experience is required, full training will be provided
  • Master 1 or 2 of biology or any scientific background
  • Fluent in French/Spanish or French/Italian
  • Fluent in English
  • Excellent communication skills, empathy
  • Able to manage files and skilled with computer utilisation
  • Good time management skills
  • Flexible mindset
  • Self driven person
  • Knowledge of medical conditions and terminology


Medical Information Officer