Group 10

This is the perfect opportunity for students or people who wish to work part time that offers great flexibility and good income. You will be working as a Market Research Interviewer on a contract basis.

As a Marker Research Interviewer, you will be responsible for translating questionnaires from English into German and then use these questionnaires to interview people in order to assess attitudes and experiences relating to the patient information leaflets (distributed in the medicine box).

Typical work activities will include:

  • translation of the questionnaire from English into German;
  • arranging interviews – this might be done by approaching people in the street, placing an advert in a local paper or on website or contacting them by telephone or on online platforms/forums;
  • printing of the leaflet;
  • providing a brief introduction to the interview and its subject, outlining how the research will be used;
  • asking specific questions about interviewee attitudes to a particular product or issue;
  • carrying out a set number of interviews to meet a quota (20 per project);
  • recording interview responses with a voice recorder and keying results into an excel sheet;
  • printing and signing non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with each participant;
  • maintaining accurate and detailed records;
  • collating results and passing them back to the project manager.

A typical interview can take around an hour, so the interviewer needs to be able to persuade individuals to take part and arrange a suitable time.

Working hours are flexible, depending on the size of the workload. Typically you will have two weeks to complete one project.

A Market Research interviewer is the main point of contact with the public, as a result you will need to win the confidence and cooperation of the public. Your attitude and professionalism is critical. You need to have access to the internet, be able to work with excel and do web searches. To help you to carry out this work to the highest standard you will receive detailed instructions and full training over the phone and support throughout the duration of the project. Additionally, you will need to have access to a computer with internet and have a dictaphone/voice recorder.


Market Research Interviewer (Freelance)