We are looking for a Customer Success and Billing Director who will be responsible to supervise all operations related to the management and administration of sales contracts from the registration of orders to delivery to the customer.


The Customer Service Manager aims at strategically supporting business continuity and delivering value through the operational execution of customer service activities, in leveraging the performance of customers’ projects.

She / he is overseeing a team of customer service and client finance agents.

She / he is acting on behalf of the company, so it is paramount that she / he knows and understand the company values and always act in a professional manner, using language that aligns with that of the company.

As a Director, the Customer success & billing director will focus on :

Leading, coaching of the WW customer success & billing, collection team, composed of
1/ customer success engagement managers and business analysts (~12p.),
2/ client finance officers (~8p.)
he/she will maintain a high-performance culture.
– Managing the day-to-day customer service department and customer relations
– Maintaining relationships with key stakeholders and promote confidence in the overall execution to the processes (see below).
– Creating a seamless and satisfying internal and external customer experience throughout the organization.

Ways of working (tools / processes):
Steering the team processes and tools ; governing their improvement, automation and maintenance to afford:
1/ invoicing in an accurate, complete, quick and timely manner,
2/ getting a good understanding and control of revenues and margin at customers’ project level
3/ getting a good collection (short DSO) with an appropriate claim management
4/ providing internal (top management) and external customers the appropriate visibility on overall performance on projects
– Strategically assessing opportunities to increase the efficiency of customer service operations, systems, and processes to seek opportunities to reduce costs and improve service levels.
– Overseeing the organization to deliver and optimize service levels and managing the business to ensure that overall SLA are met.

Project’s piloting:
– analyzing the customers projects’ results and performances (revenues, margins, FTE, billability ratio, vendors’ expenses, costing & selling prices…).
– reforecasting as necessary
– proposing proactively sales’ contracts extension and potential sales’ leads
– monitoring SLA at project level
– driving collaborative planning, forecasting with key customers
– participating in the creation of the budget in close connection with Sales and Operations (notably for each major customer and/or project)

The Customer success and billing, collection team day-to-day tasks will mainly deal with the management of sales contracts by
– processing customer orders and ensure that each new customers starts in a timely manner (closed won process),
– recording, controlling the service until its invoicing (monthly invoicing)
– monitoring the services’ work in progress (month-end process),
– monitoring disputes (reminders, management, etc.),
– monitoring due receivables.

The Customer service manager is under the supervision of the CFO. His internal stakeholders are

1/ Operations (Programs / Contracts’ directors),

2/ Sales & bid Office (KAM).
She / he is in deep connection with the Accounting, Controlling and legal departments.



Required education:

Bachelor Finance and Administration

Required experience :

  • 15 years in as sales administration
  • B2B services experience is a must.

Required languages :



Required technical skills :

Excellent knowledge of

  • sales administration
  • RFP procedures
  • Financial and budget management
  • Customer relationship management/CRM software (Salesforce, Axonaut, Sellsy, etc.)
  • Procurement techniques
  • International trade

Additional experience that would be an advantage for the position

  • Strong communication/ interpersonal skills
  • Analytical and synthetic skills
  • Knowledge of commercial law


Customer Success and BIlling Director- 708