Writing documents relating to the laboratory’s clinical development

– Search for information and documents to integrate into clinical study reports

– Writing scientific publications (posters, abstracts, articles, protocols, analysis plans, final reports)

– Writing and formatting of all clinical study report documents, consistent with the statistical report

– Participation in the drafting of supporting documents for the clinical study (use protocol, investigator and patient brochure, consent form, observation notebook and patient notebook, etc.)

– Anonymization in the context of documents submitted to the various health authorities in order to remove any confidential information (personal data & commercial data)


– Be comfortable and effective in communication, while being diplomatic

– Know how to work in a team and across departments (R&D, medical affairs, regulatory affairs, quality, legal, marketing and finance, subsidiaries/parent company)

– Have writing skills and a capacity for analysis and synthesis

– Be rigorous, autonomous and dynamic

– Have a keen sense of listening and communication

– Be flexible, adaptable and flexible

– Have ethics (respect for the patient and the confidentiality of this data)

– Have operational and fluent English

136 Medical Writer