When observing AI as a concept, we can see that one of the most natural implementations would be in the software for medical devices and in vitro diagnostics. This synergy capitalizes on AI’s capabilities to analyze vast amounts of patient data generated by MDs, IVDs, patient reports as well as medical practice records.

One critical question being pondered throughout the industry is, “How do we clinically validate this software integrating AI?” and “Are there key differences between MDs and IVDs regarding this clinical validation?”

ProductLife Group intends to clarify these confusing times and shed light on the hazy atmosphere during our webinar, Clinical validation for software integrating AI: A comparison between MDs and IVDs.

Our MedTech Commercial Director, Lebon Aymeric Lebon, will take you on a guided tour covering the agenda of the regulatory context and framework in Europe, benchmarking experience on MDs integrating AI, and key differences with IVDs.

Register for our webinar and discover the fascinating world of MedTech and AI as one.

Aymeric Lebon
Commercial Medtech Director

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Clinical validation for software integrating AI – Comparison between MD and IVD